Pistachio Kitchen

Sometimes we are asked to design a kitchen in a very small space. Thankfully I do enjoy finding solutions to potentially problematic briefs.

This kitchen measured one and a half by two and a half metres, and was in an alcove off the sitting-dining room, so whatever we were going to fit had to compliment the quality of furniture and fitments in the flat.

Our main concern was to install all the necessary equipment and fitments.

With worksurface at a premium we opted for a medium size sink bowl, and by choosing Corian we could specify one of their bespoke integrated sinks in the same Anthracite colour as the work surface. The benefits of the integrated sink included the reduced visual impact of the sink. Better still with no lip or seam between the sink and the worksurface, it was a very hygienic, easy-to-clean solution. We fitted a continuous feed waste disposal to deal with food waste, and installed a door mounted recycling bin for packaging.

We also came to the conclusion that we didn't need a large hob, so again with an eye to maximising the work surface we opted for a two ring model. Miele provided us with a touch control Induction hob. With its flat design, this appliance could be flush fitted to the work surface, and the glass being dark meant that it almost disappeared against the Anthracite colour of the Corian, again providing a minimal visual impact solution; in fact, when not in use, the hob became part of the worksurface.

The large sash window to the right of the room ruled out the option of fitting wall units up to the glass, so we installed the hob at that end, and fitted a cylindrical stainless-steel extractor directly above. This provided a smart design solution, enabling us to properly access the window, and still permitting maximum natural light into the kitchen.

We chose a mid-sized Miele oven, which was 45cm high; this allowed for a cutlery and utensil drawer to be introduced beneath the hob. the Miele microwave was built in to the wall units, so it was both eye-level and crucially not on the work surface.

The remaining appliances were fully integrated; the dishwasher was 45cm wide, the washer-dryer a standard 60cm. The undercounter fridge had a built-in freezer compartment.

There were no budget restrictions, but this was a small kitchen so the costs did not become excessive anyway. Impact was what was required.

We wanted an unusual colour, so we opted for Rational furniture, as they are known for their bespoke palette. A high gloss pale yellow/pistachio lacquer was chosen to compliment the Anthracite Corian. The handles were chrome, set horizontally on the floor units and vertically on the wall units.

As a final flourish, amethyst, emerald and dark amber Bisazza jewel mosaic tiles were applied on both the floor and the wall. The result is a very beautiful kitchen that can comfortably hold its own in an interior-designed Chelsea pad.