Ashley Pope a Kitchen Designer in London


In 1987 he applied for a trainee design consultant position with a leading independent upmarket kitchen studio company. The option on Ashley’s contract was quickly taken up by his employer, and they invested their time and money in developing his innate design ability. As their pupil, Ashley was taught the importance of all the necessary technical and safety requirements of the kitchen design business, beyond the aesthetic imperative.

Ashley learnt how to survey client’s properties accurately, identifying potential issues well in advance, and advising the clients accordingly. He also learnt how to liaise comfortably with both clients and contractors throughout the installation process.

Within two years Ashley had become the manager of their Fulham Road showroom. He gained valuable experience in self-motivation, and motivating his other colleagues, further honing his team-leadership and business skills.

Head-hunted by an upmarket competitor company in the early 90’s Ashley accepted a better position with them, soon to find himself promoted within the company and chosen to open their new flagship showroom in Wigmore Street, London W1, as manager. The opportunity allowed him to oversee many prestigious projects both in London and internationally.

As the millennium approached Ashley was offered and accepted the managerial post at the Poggenpohl showroom in Chelsea. It was at this showroom, where he learnt to put into place the final pieces for running a business.

A Kitchen Design Consultant in London

After 17 years working at the high end of the kitchen business for other companies, he decided to found his own company. Kitchen Evolution was named with both his own professional development and that of the industry in mind. Since its inception he has continued to keep Kitchen Evolution ahead of his competitors, with his professional approach and very personal philosophy towards design and business practice.

Today most of the main German manufacturers invest directly in their own London showrooms, thus enabling clients to visit them in store for the first time. Kitchen Evolution, working with its manufacturing partners, has embraced participation in this latest innovation; by taking advantage of the sea change in business modelling, and working in conjunction with his business partners directly, Ashley has obviated the need for a separate showroom, and its attendant overheads. Without these costs he is able to supply all the same products and services with the same imperative as before, at a much-reduced cost to the end user client.

Ashley’s innovative business model has proved very successful with his clients, both new and longstanding. This is certainly the future for independent design companies, and he has pioneered this blue-sky way of thinking about luxury kitchen design and supply in the 21st century.
The Method
Your new kitchen should be a testament to, and reflection of, your unique style.
Our Clients
There is nothing to limit the imagination when it comes to designing your new kitchen.
Total Flexibility
We are very adaptable to the requirements of you, the client.
Kitchen Evolution is a pioneering company that can provide you with a new way of accessing the very latest innovations in cutting edge kitchen design and deliver a quality installation, and service. For over 30 years I have designed and project managed some of the highest quality kitchen installations in some of the most beautiful homes in and around central London and internationally.

Once the client makes the call and starts the process, then I, as the main director of Kitchen Evolution, will give them get my undivided attention, and a bespoke individual service tailored to suit their specific requirements.
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